Welcome to National Commerce Exchange


The National Commerce Exchangeis a well-established organization that provides businesses with profitable and sensible solutions that satisfy marketing and financial needs. It opens the door to new customers, providing clients with additional marketing openings for their brands.

The NCE currently comprises of more than 3000 businesses that trade with each other for the products and services they require. These products and services are sold or traded separately from existing distribution channels, creating new market places for future sales and to increase the volume of the business.

Ithas flourished to become one of the largest trade organizations of its kind in the country.Itencompasses overstocked, periodical and authorized inventories offering anexceptional and practicalopening for a business. It also looks after the fact that it is adding incremental sales volume in order to maximize efficiencies.

Working in collaboration different companiesutilizes various marketing and advertising services through the National Commerce Exchange. This in turn enablesa company to grow and to obtain cash customers through trade dollars, which is for sure a successful situation.

NCE tries to avoid costly liquidations and marketing expenditures. It also helps its clients or the companies to develop new relationships with other companies across the global market. Thispurchases all excess andleisurelymoving inventories at a value that lets you recoverthecomplete cost of goods or may be some profit.

The brokers of National Commerce Exchange regularly purchase your products or services and facilitate an introduction for your business. The brokers become part of your sales force by promoting your business through monthly newsletters that are free of charge. Newsletters are direct mailed to thousands of businesses. It also produces trade shows for member businesses where these companies display what their company has to offer.

It provides an economically privileged means to recover the worth of a business’s low performing assets and maximizes the company’s potentials to profit. The low performing assets as defined as the assets whose book value exceeds their market value. The National Commerce Exchange purchases all low performing assets at or close to book value. This is how NCE markets your business.

The national commerce exchange is a total benefit for a business as it helps you expand your market and retain your customers. Barter as it helps to save cashwhich most businesses prefers. Itmanagesto sell your extra inventory assisting you to find the best prices for your goods. This permits you to uphold your existingratingsalong with upgrade of your return value on investment.