About Us

What the NCE Does:

The National Commerce Exchange helps businesses create intelligent and profitable solutions to problems that also capture marketing and financial needs. By opening the door to new customers, we expand our client’s marketing circles for their company. Products that are sold or traded outside of already existing markets create new distribution channels for future sales. This also increases the size of business for our clients. By adding increasing sales volume, we are also maximizing efficiencies.

The NCE solution also covers overstocked, seasonal, and clearance inventories as well. We extend a unique and sensible opportunity for a business to take advantage of the profit potential in its market. To do this, the National Commerce Exchange will buy excess, slow moving, and discontinued items at a certain price. This price allows for the recovery of full cost of goods and for some, possibly all, of the profit margins in merchandise that would otherwise would have led to a loss in money. The products that NCE buy would have clogged the distribution process and caused even more problems for the company’s manufacturing and marketing organizations.

Also, the NCE gives the most economically advantaged way of redeeming the profits of a business’s other underperforming assets which include, but not are not limited to, real estate property leases, blocked currencies, trade claims, used machinery, and other capital equipment. Underperforming assets are assets that have a book value that exceeds their market value. We will buy those underperforming assets at or close to book value.

Why You Should Trade:

Trading generates new customers. This is because buyers are eager to pay with their services or products in order to save some cash. Most companies prefer to trade and conserve money.

It is important to keep your inventory moving because each season customers shop for the most recent products. We will bring you buyers that will move the excess inventory. This will eliminate the advertising costs and heavy discounting that would otherwise be needed to do this. NCE can also coordinate the selling of your surplus inventory, while still making sure you have the best possible prices for your merchandise. This lets you keep your current prices while also increasing your return on investments.

If you are a seasonal business or don’t have 100% capacity all twelve months of a year, National Commerce Exchange can help you fill your downtime by providing new business opportunities. Now you’ll also have trade dollars to buy what you need.

Customers that you have bartered with will give you similar cash referrals that your current clients bring, and as long as you provide your barter customers with the same amazing services and prices as you do with everyone else, you will also attract new cash paying customers too.