Bartering and trading is a great tool for a solution for business that have inventory or services. By allowing payment in trade dollars instead of cash, you can maximize your efficiency by gaining more inventory turnover and billable hours. This allows your company to pay without using cash for goods or services by paying trade dollars earned.

We have a National Commerce Exchange trade broker work with you and your company to do a variety of things. Alongside your trade broker, you will bring to your company new sales and larger market shares, more movement in inventory, and will minimize cash outlay for everyday company expenses. For payment, NCE members allow another form of currency and are free to purchase a product or service within the National Commerce Exchange network.

Our clients don’t use cash to handle their transactions with one another. Instead, they use trade dollars. The National Commerce Exchange gets you an alternate distribution network. The reason this works is because you can charge a normal price for goods and services in trade dollars instead of having the products go unsold or for a reduced price in cash.